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It’s Okay to Not be Okay!

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Nationwide, Americans are grappling with traumatic experiences that result in high incidents of anxiety, depression, substance use and suicide. Individuals and families are dealing with behavioral problems such as rebounding from isolation after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, marital issues, domestic abuse, job loss and financial instability—challenges that can lead to intergenerational trauma.

Political and racial polarization, along with mass shootings and gun violence, are also feeding the nation’s mental health care woes.

Our hearts go out to anyone affected by mass shootings and gun violence. We grieve with communities affected by the devastating mass shooting in Uvalde and other incidents in Texas, as well as the horrific events with the shooting of Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio and the July Fourth mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill.

With so many stressors, it’s understandable that people are struggling with their mental health. And it’s okay that people are admitting that they are not okay!

What are you struggling with today? How are you handling the stress in your life? Are there unresolved issues that you just can’t seem to get victory over? We all have issues. We all have struggles. Nobody’s life is problem-free.

If you are hurting right now and don’t know how to heal, there’s hope! If you are facing difficulties on every side and feel like throwing in the towel, help is within reach. The following are steps to obtain the help you need:

  1. Acknowledge that it’s okay that you are not okay right now.
  2. Identify what is bothering you
  3. Make a list of resources where you can get help
  4. Evaluate which resource is the best for your situation
  5. Decide on where you can get the help you need
  6. Pursue the best option for receiving help

There’s no need to feel ashamed about asking for help. Everyone needs help some time. The only bad decision is to neglect your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Be encouraged and reach out!

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