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Our History


The Eldred McClean Counseling Center (EMCC) is a behavioral health services initiative. We provide professional counseling to individuals and families whose present circumstances are negatively affecting their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Our counselors aim to improve the everyday functionality and long-term quality of life of those we serve. Our vision is to Empower hurting people everywhere that healing is possible, and our mission is to Provide compassionate and evidence-based behavioral healthcare to individuals and families. 

The establishment of EMCC was a vision of Pastor Eldred McClean, co-founder of North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship (NDCBF) and one of the pastors at the church for many years. Pastor McClean provided pastoral counseling as the Pastor of Care and Comfort along with Tera McFarland, a licensed professional counselor (LPC) at NDCBF until his retirement in 2015. After counseling hurting families and individuals who were experiencing grief and loss, seeking help with their marriages, trying to recover from separation and divorce, or teens struggling with making good decisions, pastor McClean saw the need for counseling services to expand within the church and beyond.  Passionate about helping the hurting, he envisioned a counseling center comprised of biblically trained pastoral and licensed professional counselors. After much prayer, planning and perseverance, EMCC was incorporated in 2018 and became a 501(C)3 non-profit organization in 2019.   

EMCC is governed by a Board of Directors and the team is comprised of professional counselors and volunteers that facilitate therapeutic services to individuals and families in a safe environment. 

“Our mission is to provide compassionate and evidence-based behavioral healthcare to individuals and families.”