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Soul Sickness

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“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
    but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12



Disappointment can make a person sick. An expectation that doesn’t go as expected, a longing left unsatisfied, a hope deferred, a promise unfulfilled, and a dream not manifested can open a wound in one’s soul.


Although a person may appear to be just fine, they are not fine. They are sick. Just below the surface of the mask they wear is a sad countenance and hidden suffering. Although unseen and camouflaged, their tears are constant and flow easily. And it doesn’t take much to trigger the tears. Reminders of the painful waiting are all around in the form of other peoples’ hopes and dreams being fulfilled while the one sick is still waiting. Within an instant, feelings of contentment are transformed into sadness.


There are medicines for every disease known to man. But what is the remedy for a soul wound? What regimen can one take to feel better in their spirit man? What are the best practices to endure suffering triggers?

How can one rally again, and again, and again when their hopes are dashed over, and over, and over again? They endure by standing in faith until the waters settle. What keeps the one with a wounded soul moving forward? They walk towards the flicker of light of God’s promises. How does one sustain peace when the suffering is always present? They fix their eyes on the Prince of Peace. Where does the drive come from? The Holy Spirit they’ve been sealed with until the Day of Redemption.


The same God WHO is allowing the sickness is providing the remedy. And the same One WHO permits the suffering also commands that grace be given to endure it. God does nothing without a mission. His will for His servants to suffer is part of His high calling. The pain He allows has purpose and the waiting will achieve a holy objective.

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